The 3 types of men who usually become sugar daddies

Sugar Daddy

As a woman seeking to find her ideal sugar daddy match, you are probably wondering why certain men choose to become sugar daddies and why they enjoy be the main source of support for ladies like yourself. It seems slightly odd that some men choose to spend their dollars on women who overtly willing to trade love, affection and sex in order to be financially supported, but the truth is that this sort of arrangement works out well for many men. And if you are wondering what types of men typically choose to become sugar daddies, then take note of the following:


Millionaires – Any man who finds himself rolling around in a tremendous amount of money is likely to used to being harassed by attractive women who all want a piece of the pie. Millionaires have earned the right to date attractive women, and often they will involve with and supporting many different women at once. So if you are the type that doesn’t mind sharing your partners with other women, then perhaps a millionaire is the best bet for you.


Widowers or divorcees – Older men who have made their fortunes but lost wives in the process also choose to become sugar daddies because they no longer wish to deal with feelings of loss, anguish and unrequited love. They would rather date and take care of someone who will act as an attractive companion, and provide them with happiness and support in replace of the wives they lost.


Men who enjoy dating younger women – At the end of the day, most sugar daddies just love dating and taking care of younger women. It’s a fetish and it turns them on to be a provider for a young girl trying to figure out her place in the world.

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