The 3 types of women who become sugar momma’s


Sugar Daddy

It takes a special type of man to actively decide that he wants to start searching for a sugar momma to help him out with his bills, lifestyle and career. Of course, most men entertain fantasies of having sex with an older woman, but most would not consider being supported by an older woman because it defies a very basic concept of masculinity i.e. men need to pave their own paths and be autonomous. However, we are living in a modern world where men and women don’t subscribe to defined standards of gender. The latter is why the sugar momma is becoming a prominent term in popular culture.
If you have been wondering what types of women turn to the sugar momma lifestyle for ease, convenience and great sex, then here are 3 of the most likely groups:


Wealthy Widows – You will often find sugar momma’s who became rich because their wealthy husband passed away, leaving her with a lump some of cash. These types of ladies usually don’t need to work, and are often on the lookout for some fun with younger men. They don’t mind taking care of these men because they have more than enough money to spare.

Successful Career Women – Older women who have made a fortune because they’ve worked hard and have been wholly dedicated to their career will often become sugar momma’s to re-live the glory years of their youth (which they likely missed because they were dedicated to success. As a result, she now adores being with younger men who make her feel sexy, and vibrant no matter the cost.


Rich Socialites – Some women are just born into wealth thanks to their parents and their heritage. They grow up in an elite circle and spend their whole lives never having to worry about money. These women can become sugar mamas if they meet and fall for a guy who doesn’t share the same lifestyle, therefore she provides for him so they can be on the same level.


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