The 3 types of women who love sugar daddies




Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddies are defined as men who offer money and other rewards to typically younger, attractive women who offer companionship and mostly sexual favors. It’s a mutual exchange that works for both parties involved. Some men are outraged by the idea of women leeching off men, while some women are just as saddened by the idea that a woman might sell herself short in order to be provided for by a sugar daddy. Either way, we cannot say why some people love or hate the sugar daddy concept, and generally speaking, there are certain types of women who are more than likely to have a sugar daddy at some point in time.


Golddiggers – These types of women are often highly attractive and ultimately believe that love is a currency exchange. If a man wants to spend time with her then he’s got to shower her with gifts. Golddiggers are manipulative, and many men don’t see them coming. They manipulate and make a man fall in love, or even get married. The latter secures them a lifetime of funds.


Erotic Models and Strippers – Usually strippers and erotic models have numerous sugar daddies that are captivated by their image and almost jealous that other men get to see their goods. These sugar daddies buy affection, and the women often don’t say no because they enjoy the gifts, the money and the overall lifestyle.


Students – There has been a recent moral panic in the media about the amount of college aged girls seeking sugar daddies on the internet. It seems that students are looking for older men to help them cover their bills and afford extravagant lifestyles while still going to school and figuring out what they want to do in their career. The sugar daddy, of course, loves to date the younger girls because it makes him feel like a stud.


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