The Deal Breaker or Deal Clincher – The Negotiation!

So you’ve identified your sugar baby or sugar daddy, even sugar mummy. If you met them through an online site you may have an idea from their profile what their expectations are. “Moderate,” “substantial,” “practical,” “high” are just some of the calculations a sugar daddy or baby can lay out. If you’re a first-time sugar baby, new to such an arrangement, the idea of asking for an allowance or a regular arrangement can be daunting.

But this isn’t prostitution and you’re not a victim so take charge, speak your mind. If you’ve got what he desires and he is who he says he is, he will meet your request. Bartering will make him look cheap and make him worry he might lose you.

Depending on how many times you arrange to see each other you can set a cash price for each date. Maybe even say you are available a certain amount of times a month and set a monthly figure. Its up to him if he can meet you that many times a month. Perhaps tell him you will try and be available for events at no extra cost should you both get along. And don’t forget to tell him you need to go shopping, get him to bring you to a high end mall and get his plastic out.

If you are too shy or intimidated to ask for a set figure, or take offense if your sugar daddy straight up asks “how much?” just go on a date and see what he gives you at the end of the night. If you don’t find some cash in your purse or being slipped into your hand at the end of the night its either a good time to ask or a good time to end it there and then.

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

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