The Difference Between A Sugar Daddy And A Normal Guy

Sugar Daddy

The first time I dated a Sugar Daddy I didn’t know what to expect and was more than a little intimidated to say the least. Even though I’m still young I’ve dated a lot of guys, that you could term as average. Not necessarily looks-wise, that was always important to me, but in terms of their job, income and life experience. But it was all I knew and I had nothing to compare Mr Average to, so I was happy (with some more than others!)

When i started dating my Sugar Daddy, a millionaire, it opened my eyes to things I’d never noticed before and put things in a shoe new perspective. Sugar Daddies are a different breed, in a class all by themselves. They exude a confidence that the average man just doesn’t have. I figure it comes with being able to do and buy whatever you want in life and the power that brings.
A Sugar Daddy will be able to teach and mentor you in things that an average guy rarely can. Sugar Daddies are in tune with everything that is happening in the world, they may have been around it a couple of times too so they see things from a global perspective. They will be often be versed in wine and food, and will be eager to impart this knowledge to you so you can be confident when ordering at a fine restaurant.
Sugar Daddies also have a lot more going on in their lives, as they are almost exclusively successful in business. They are constantly thinking and strategizing, keen to debate and discuss ideas that your average guy probably never even dreamt of. Sugar Daddies can be inspirational and help you develop your own character and goals that you will end up being more likely to be able to teach an average guy than the other way around.
So take my advice, don’t try and treat your Sugar Daddy like an average man, you are about to enter a whole new world. Just like you, your Sugar Daddy is far from average.


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