The First Sugar Daddy Movie

The first ever movie to feature our favorite subject, sugarizing, was a silent comedy short film that also happened to star one of our favorite comedy duos of all time – Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. “Sugar Daddies,” also starred Jimmy Finlayson alongside the jocular pair way back in 1927 and was directed by Hal Roach. 

A Rich oil tycoon, played by Finlayson, wakes up one morning after a night of hard partying to discover that he was married the night before. He quickly discovers, to his chagrin, that not only does he have a new wife but also a new golddigging stepdaughter and brother-in-law who want to kill him and inherit his fortune. He summons his attorney, Laurel, to straighten things out when they try to blackmail him. He then spends the next few, hilarious, days hiding out at a hotel with his butler, Hardy, and his lawyer. He finally escapes by putting on a very long overcoat, climbing on Laurel’s shoulders and pretending to be Hardy’s wife. The slapstick comedy climaxes with a chaotic chases scene.

Laurel and Hardy went on to appear in a total of 107 films between 1921 and 1951.

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