The Price Is Right For Sugar Daddy Drew Carey

Sugar DaddyComedian, actor and host of mega-popular TV show The Price Is Right, Drew Carey, has shed his squeaky-clean image and cemented his Sugar Daddy status by shacking up with a porn star!

Carey, 55, who recently lost a noticeable amount of weight and appeared on Dancing With Stars, met Niki Skyler, 29, real name Megan Martinez, on a webcam porn site. He immediately fell for her and after a personal encounter at the Adult Video News Awards in Vegas, he quickly became her Sugar Daddy. He whisked Skyler away from her Miami residence and moved her and her 9-yr-old son into his Hollywood mansion. Carey, estimated to be with $165 million, wasted no time sugarizing her with trips on a private jet to New York, Aspen and Vegas.
Soon after he rented Skyler her own pad and is funding the 60 grand a year rent. Despite her new pampered lifestyle, this Sugar Baby hasn’t given up her day job. She still performs on the web site for cash, keeping up her clientele in case her relationship with Carey doesn’t work out.
Apparently she now only has sex with girls in her videos, which is fine by Carey. He is said to be keen to propose to his Sugar Baby but before the multi-talented Sugar Daddy takes the relationship to another level he wants her to quit getting naked in front of strangers altogether.

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