This Actor/Comedian is the Richest Celebrity Sugar Daddy in the Game



Jerry Seinfeld - #1 Rich famous sugar daddy.

Jerry Seinfeld – #1 Rich famous sugar daddy.

More and more older men are presenting a much better option for younger women these days. More experienced when it comes to treating a lady, they tend to know what makes a relationship work. If they happen to be rich, its a real home run. And if he’s a world famous celebrity, well, you just hit it out the park little lady.

Forbes is always publishing lists of who has the most money in showbiz, but we want to know who has the most money with a stunning young woman on his arm? Topping the list for Hip Hop sugar daddy moguls, closely followed by Jay Z and his stunning wife Beyonce (12 years his senior,) is Sean “P Diddy” Combs. Hold on, before you say Dr Dre just became a Hip Hop billionaire, we said Hip Hop SUGAR DADDIES. last time we checked with our peeps on the West Coast Dre is still happily married to his wife Nicole Threatt, who is just six years his junior. Diddy is often spotted by the paps with singing starlet Cassie Ventura on his arm, who at age 27 is 17 years younger than Puff.

However, at the top of the showbiz pile, King Sugar Daddy himself, is superstar Jerry Seinfeld, worth a reported insane $820 million. And with all that loot in the vault, its little surprise that his beautiful wife, author Jessica Sklar, is 17 years younger.
Seinfeld, who still tours as a stand-up comedian, is still raking in some $400 million from syndication deals for his classic Seinfeld TV show, even though it ended in 1998.

The man sitting at number two on the richest actor lists, though his identity may surprise you, is not doing too badly for himself either. Bollywood mogul Shah Rukh Khan is worth an estimated $600 million, but while happily married to his beloved wife, alas he cannot be classed as a sugar daddy.

We’ll get back to you soon, we’re looking into Jack Nicholson 😉

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