Tips For Married Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddy

Its no secret that a number of Sugar Daddies are married, who often turn to Sugar Babies to sweeten up their lives, acting as an escape from their daily grind. Everybody has one life to love so if a married Sugar Daddy wants to have fun, who are we, or you to judge? Even though Sugar Daddies can get attached to their SUagr Babies and emotions come into play, ts crucial to keep the two situations completely separate from one another. Here are some pointers for how to achieve that successfully:

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are best established from the get-go, and should be adhered to by both of you at all times. If being married restricts the amount of times you can see your Sugar Baby, let her know thats the reason why and neither of you should deviate from that. Boundaries can extend to which discussions are off-limits – lay some ground rules that neither of you will discuss your wife, kids, or anything too personal. You do not want to blur lines, or end up having your Sugar Baby involved in any drama related to your marriage. Look at your Sugar Baby as a completely separate situation from the rest of your life, isolate it and keep it that way.

Keep It Real 

Sugar dating is all about no stings attached, so let your Sugar Baby know, respectfully, you will be taking that literally and so should she. Ensure you keep the other strings in your life perfectly tuned, so don’t raise any suspicions with coworkers or employees, friends, or family. You will have to make sure your Sugar Baby is completely aware that she may not be your top priority, and that discretion is the number one priority for you in the relationship. You can still make your Sugar Baby feel wanted and satisfied by taking care of her with presents or gifts. If you can’t spend as much face time with her as she would like, this will act as a good substitution.

Dont Fall In Love

If you are a married Sugar Daddy, the cardinal rule is do not fall in love, period. Keep your emotions in check, be very very sure of what you really want if you find yourself slipping into cupids clutches. Make sure you can distinguish between love and lust. Make sure you don’t lead your Sugar Baby on, that can lead to all sorts of drama. And to further avoid any drama, always use contraception with your Sugar Baby, you don’t want any baby mama drama or STDs slipping into your marriage.

Be Creative

As a married Sugar Daddy your relationship with your Sugar Baby will naturally be al title more complicated than most sugar relationships, so discretion and distance are crucial to keep things on an even keel. Make sure you are away form your wife when you call your Sugar Baby, set times, have a different number for that purpose and never have your Sugar Baby call you. Again sending her tokens of your affection will keep her satisfied and feeling wanted, even if she can’t see you as often as she might like. Make sure you cover your tracks at all time – don’t give out passwords, clear your browser history on the computer at home, do what is necessary so that nobody gets hurt and everyone is safe and happy.

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