Tips For Writing Your Online Sugar Baby Profile

Sugar Daddy

When entering the world of online Sugar Daddy dating, you have to approach it as if you are marketing yourself as a Sugar Baby. The ratio of Sugar Babies to Sugar Daddies is ten to one, so you are competing with many other hot young females for the hearts of a wealthy older gentleman. We already gave you some pointers regarding your online profile photos, so here are a few rules to follow when composing you profile for online Sugar Daddy dating:

1. Don’t be negative – never say “I could lose a few pounds,” or “I’m always unlucky in love.” Make sure you come across as drama, disease and drug free. Present a fun, balanced description of yourself.

2. Throw in a line about being 100 percent committed to just one Sugar Daddy, and that you understand mutually beneficial relationships. Make your prospective Sugar Daddy feel its a two way street – that you are willing, with chemistry, to fulfill his needs also.

3. Personalize your experiences, give an example of why you are fun, perhaps with a humorous story. Or if you describe yourself as a wine buff, mention your favorite bottle, or if you say you have traveled a lot mention something about unique and far-flung place you visited.

4. Pick a tagline that grabs attention. Remember there are thousands of Sugar Babies out there, so come up with a tag line that will pique a Sugar Daddy’s interest. ‘Best of the best,’ ‘A glimpse of bliss,’ ‘exotic and sexy,’ are some examples of what will work. Be a little bit risqué but don;t over do it and come across slutty. Keep it short and balanced.

5. Go easy listing all your interests, your Sugar Daddy won’t be interested. They won’t care about Twilight or pilates, but will if you say you work out a lot, or sex, travel etc.

6. Log in often, as this will keep you near the top of search criteria for “ Most Recent Logins.” This is especially true of Sundays, traditionally the busiest day for online Sugar Daddy traffic so make sure you are online.


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