Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy Cities

Sugar Daddy relationships are in no way strictly heterosexual, with a growing number of gay sugar relationships cropping up across America. A recent survey revealed the US cities with the most eligible and wealthiest gay bachelors, with no surprise that New York sits on top.

The average age of a gay Sugar Daddy in the US is 39 years old, has an annual income of $215,482.39, and a net worth of over $6 million.

And there is no shortage of male Sugar Babies, outnumbering Sugar Daddies approximately eight to one, proving that guys like to get spoiled just as much as the gals!
Top 10 Gay Sugar Daddy US Cities

1.      New York, NY
2.      Chicago, IL
3.      Los Angeles, CA
4.      Houston, TX
5.      Beverly Hills, CA
6.      Atlanta, GA
7.      Dallas, TX
8.      Toronto Canada
9.      Las Vegas, NV
10.  San Francisco, CA

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