What A Sugar Daddy Wants From His Sugar Baby

Make no mistake about it, a Sugar Daddy is interested first and foremost in how a Sugar Baby looks. Tight bodies, firm breasts, pretty face and well-styled hair are all top of the list of criteria for Sugar Daddies when looking for a Sugar Baby.

Just because men get older it doesn’t mean they don’t desire the things they could get when they were younger, which is the crux of the sugar relationship for them.

Sugar Babies should pay regular visits to the gym, the hairdresser and salon. Pay attention to oral hygiene – clean bright teeth and fresh breath will be much more attractive for Sugar Daddies.
Dress sexy for dates with your Sugar Daddy, but don’t over-do it. Sugar Daddies are refined, successful men who take pride in their appearance and they are looking for someone to compliment that when out in public.
It does’t end at looks though, Sugar Daddies are far from shallow people. They are world-wise and have experienced many facets of life, so being able to hold a good conversation is essential. Being well-read helps, as well as being up to date with current affairs, so when you’re having dinner with your Sugar Daddy the silence isn’t deafening.


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