What is A May-December Relationship?

Sugar DaddyWith more and more young women indulging in relationships with older man nowadays, you may be hearing the term “May-December Romance” a lot and wondering what its means and where it comes from.
The term refers to the romantic involvement of two people, between whom there is a considerable age difference. Cynics also throw in the criteria that such relationships are often because one individual has an ulterior motive, such as money, status, etc. The participants are commonly referred to as Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommies and Sugar Babies.
The reason for the use of months in the metaphor is that while one person is young and in the “Spring” of his or her life (ergo “May”), the other is in “Winter” (thus, “December”). Whilst the practice is best known for high profile Sugar Daddy celebrities, May-December Romances are rapidly permeating all sections of society.

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