What to expect when you have a Sugar Baby!

There are certain expectations when it comes to any kind of a relationship. What to do and what not to do. This really isn’t any different when it comes down to getting yourself a Sugar Baby. However there are things that you need to expect.

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

1. People are going to talk, so be ready. They may talk about you, they may talk about her. IF what people has to say doesn’t bother you then go for it, but remember what people have to say may very well bother her. Be cautious of her feelings.
2. Attitude issues with family. If you are taking care of a sugar baby chances are—unless you are hiding her—you are going to hear from your family, if you have them. The ones to most likely voice their opinions the loudest may very well be your children if you have them. They are going to be rather loud about the fact that daddies new girlfriend is younger than they are.
3. Be ready for your friends and family to start calling her names. The biggest one being a gold digger. This is likely to happen, especially if it is the first sugar baby you’ve ever taken care of. She is only a gold digger if you aren’t aware of what she is doing. Other wise she is your Sugar Baby.
4. Spoil her rotten. Most men her age are not financially able to spoil her. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit extra on her. Lavish her with gifts that she may not otherwise get. Be careful though. There are some girls out there that may take offense to it. So be sure to find out what she likes. Find out her likes, dislikes and go from there. Do something fun and unique.


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