What To Wear On Your First Sugar Date

Sugar Daddy

Sugar DaddyYouve picked your Sugar partner and its now time to meet, that all important first date. Cliches are often cliches because they are true and nothing holds more truth than ‘first impressions last.’ You want your Sugar partner to like you for your inner qualities too, but your physical appearance is extremely important, so make sure you get it right. Good clothes might not necessarily affect the date, but you can bet your bottom dollar that bad choice of clothes will. 

For both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, avoid extremes on the first date. So Sugar Daddies, no Miami Vice shirts, cowboy boots or hats, Sugar Babies don’t dress like a stereotypical hooker from a low budget movie or a dowdy librarian. You should both also check out the venue for the date ahead of time and make sure you dress appropriately – so don’t wear a tux a ball gown to a bar! Most importantly wear something that makes you feel good and confident in your appearance – don’t leave the house wondering how you look, know you are going to knock your Sugar date over with your style.

For Sugar Daddies:

Wear neutral colors; a crisp dress shirt paired with chinos or dark denims. Class is what you should exude so handmade Italian shoes with an expensive watch to finish off the look will show off your mature sex appeal and go down a storm with your Sugar Baby. Don’t try too hard or experiment with a new look. If you’ve never worn a leather jacket, put gel in your hair or worn Jordans, this is not the time to start. Do you and act your age – simple and classic!

For Sugar Babies:

Accentuate your best assets to control the focus: A V-neck or tight fitting top if you have a great bust, tight pants that ride those curves or dangly earrings to being attention to your face. If you have great legs, wear a short dress or skirt but remember to keep it classy. If you want to be safe but sure, you can never go wrong with the iconic DVF wrap dress with simple accessories. Dont wear all loose-fitting clothes, if you choose to go loose, make the top or bottom fitted so you have a balanced, yet sultry, look. Most of all you don’t want to come over slutty, but you do want to get your Sugar Daddy’s imagination racing. 

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