What’s wrong with Being a Sugar Baby?

While the “Real Housewives of Wherever” – who all married their husbands for their money and have no problem flaunting their love of materialistic gains, are fawned over by the media and rewarded with reality TV shows, Sugar Babies looking for a helping hand and a mentor in life are often vilified.
Some critics go as far as to compare Sugar Babies to prostitues, because they date men for money. But nothing could be further from the truth. There’s wrong with being a Sugar Baby.

There are a diverse number of reasons why young women seek a Sugar Daddy. The majority of online Sugar Daddy sites are occupied by students, who want to be able to pay for their tuition. Others seek the experience of an older man who can mentor them in business and life situations. Some have waitress jobs or work at Sonic and just want to be able to experience a nicer side of life but education or lack of start-up money for a business just doesn’t permit. So they are using what God gave them to get what they want.
There are of course some instances where young women prey on rich old dudes, hoping to gain their assets once they die, but even that speaks to who really has the power in these relationships.

I think that people are uncomfortable with Sugar Babies, which leads to them projecting criticism on them, because these young women are asserting themselves and their sexuality. Men, are losing control and aren’t comfortable with that. How so? you may ask, when the Sugar Daddy can pull the rug on the relationship and leave the Suagr Baby back at square one. Well, she can simply dust herself off and find another Sugar Daddy. Two words: female empowerment.

Many of the Sugar Daddy relationships are genuine and advance way beyond an arrangement that it initially was. Many even go on to marry and have happy lives together.


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