Which State Has The Highest % Of Sugar Baby Teachers?

If parents or superiors caught wind of how a growing number of school teachers are supplementing their income, it will certainly raise a few disapproving eyebrows.

With low wages and the cost of living always increasing, more and more pert young female teachers are turning to online dating to find willing Sugar Daddies ready to part with cash.

“My teacher’s salary can’t give me the lifestyle I crave,” said one teacher, speaking on condition of anonymity. “I want to have nice things and go to nice places too and my Sugar Daddy provides that for me. What I do on my own time is my own business and it is far from inappropriate.”

The top school district where teachers are seeking out the Sugar Baby night shift? Philadelphia. Its no coincidence that the school district recently announced 646 teacher layoffs and is now pushing for its teachers’ union to accept $133 million dollars in cuts.)

Along with Philadelphia, other popular school districts for teacher/sugar babies include Miami-Dade, Los Angeles and New York.

Of course, teachers aren’t the only ones seeking out Sugar Daddies – college students make up the largest number of Sugar Babies, with servers/bartenders and nurses behind them.


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