Why Sugar Relationships Are NOT Prostitution

There is an element of society, some would call it prudish, that likens the Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby relationship as nothing more than prostitution. But there are many differences, this is a lifestyle arrangement, not a young girl who is selling sex to a number of clients.

Prostitution is based around a sole transaction. A sex worker will meet her client, the client will pay for whatever sexual kicks he wants and they go their separate ways. More often than not its a one-off transaction, with no relationship involved.

Sugar Daddies and their Sugar Babies have ongoing relationships, some that last years. They involve, fun, romance, a real connection and oftentimes mirror a regular relationship between a man and a woman. Some of these relationships blossom into long term situations, even marriage, something that is avery remote possibility with a prostitute and her client.

The traditional courtship route might be skipped in a sugar relationship, and there is an exchange of gifts and money, but there is nothing illegal about it. Its a choice, not a profession. Many women would love to date a gentleman who can provide for her needs and her desired lifestyle. And a Sugar Baby always chooses her Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies just don’t sleep with any Tom, Dick or Harry, (unless of course its Prince Harry.) Sex in a sugar relationship is never part of the initial criteria, only a desire.

Prostitution comes with inherent risks, they have no idea who the client is or where he comes from. There is no safety net because the transaction is illegal. Prostitutes also have a pimp that they have to answer to and are often exposed to abuse.

Sugar Daddies are kind to their Sugar Babies, often mentoring them as well as providing them with the finer things in life. A generous Sugar Daddy often surprises his Sugar Baby with a trip overseas or a luxury item that is an added benefit, not given because they had sex one night. Prostitutes get paid one time and one time only. 

Sugar Babies often have regular jobs – teachers, nurses etc. as well as a high number of students who are now Sugar Babies. The number of high school teachers, nurses and students who moonlight as prostitutes is almost nil. Sugar Babies don’t come with anything like the sexual history of a prostitute. But the main different of all is that a Sugar Baby treats her Sugar Daddy like a man, not a job.

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