Why women are attracted to older “sugar daddy” type men

Depending on your age, you might be remember being a younger guy in your college years and noticing how many of the beautiful women around you at the time flocked like flies to a turd to a much older man driving a fancy car. What gives? You were young, handsome and probably in the best shape of your life, but all the hotties were much more appeased by the greying man who could buy them things and take them out to fancy restaurants.


Of course, back then you were working in a restaurant or living off student loans so your idea of an expensive date was going to the local campus pub. But now that you are older and maybe wealthy enough to afford a fancy car, you find yourself getting the eye from those young ladies you once dreamed of being with. Why are women generally more attracted to older men, especially sugar daddy types? Well, here are a few reasons:


  • Daddy Issues: Like it or not, some young women are more likely to date older “daddy” type men if they lost their dad at a young age, or are seeking someone to fill the shoes of a father figure in their lives. The older man fits an archetype of attraction that the young woman once felt connected to.
  • Stability and security: Young women who have been dating for a while understand that most men their age cannot afford the luxuries they desire. An older man or a sugar daddy makes more than enough to ensure that weekends away, exquisite dinners, and beautiful gifts are guaranteed. If a girl is used to being pampered growing up, then is going to expect her man to treat her like a queen.
  • Respect for women: At the end of the day, any woman seeking to be a sugar baby or desiring an older man who can provide for her knows that those guys who care for women through monetary mean are old school chivalry types. These men don’t believe that women should work and that they should be spoiled. They know how to be a gentleman and make a woman feel like a million bucks. Most ladies cannot resist this idea, and this is another reason the sugar daddy phenomenon is massive.

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