Your Sugar Daddy Can Teach You A Thing Or Two About Life

In the animal kingdom, gifts are a major part of the mating ritual; some birds woo their prospective partners with fresh fish for example. In the human world we like shiny rocks and other trinkets. A growing number of young and beautiful women connecting with rich older men, and access to their cash and prizes, has left the Sugar Babies acknowledging their Sugar Daddies can give them a lot more than just shopping trips and cash.

“He’s taught so much,” said Toya, 21, a Sugar Baby who has been with her 61-year-old Sugar Daddy Tommy for two years. “He taught me to cook, play golf, I’ve learnt about wine. I just feel like he’s helped turn me into a much classier young woman.”

Exposure to another side of life for Sugar Babies is nothing more than they deserve but they appreciate the experience they gain just as much as the cash and gifts. The stigma of rich older guys basically paying for sex irks many of the Sugar Babies, who are genuinely attached to their Sugar Daddies.

“I travel with him, I get to see and do so many things in life being with Tommy,” says Toya. “Its much more than just being about sex, we have a real affection for each other, we have fun and theres none of the usual pressure and drama of a regular boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.”

Tommy, for his part, has around four other girls just like Toya that he likes to spend time with, estimating the annual budget he drops on his Sugar Babies is about $150,000. While he admits he would not spend on a Sugar Baby if there was no sex involved, Tommy also says he enjoys helping his companions to develop socially and takes pleasure in helping them see things they perhaps wouldn’t be able to do so at such a young age.

And boy are these Sugar Daddies in demand – its estimated that Sugar Babies outnumber Sugar Daddies about 10 to 1, giving Tommy plenty to choose from.


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